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Illegal immigration, jobs, trade and the environment. Governor Brown is making changes when he travels south of the border next week.

Ahead of his trip, Mexico’s Foreign Secretary is in Sacramento making the case to build a better relationship with Mexico.

Governor Brown said, “Mexico is right here and it’s not going away, so you better get used to it.” Candid and blunt as usual, Governor Brown said creating a working relationship with our neighbors to the south is necessary. He said, “The relationship with Mexico, the role of those with Mexican heritage in California is fundamental.” He and Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Jose Antonio Meade spoke to the California Chamber of Commerce.

The visit coincides with the immigration crisis, but the governor says there will be no new reforms. Instead, he’s focusing on boosting trade and job creation. “I think trade and cultural exchange and a lot of mutual investment is what’s going to make South American countries do better and be safer,” said Governor Brown.

Mexico is working with South American countries to stem the tide of undocumented immigrants. Meade said, “We are working with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras to foster economic opportunities and development and in the region.”

One in four U.S. jobs are connected to Mexico and the country does $60 billion in business. “We truly have a North American chain that is integrated to generate value,” said Governor Brown. “So what’s good for Mexico, what’s good for the U.S. is good for the North American community.”

The governor made the environment a top priority in his State of the State with a focus on reducing oil consumption and the use of fossil fuel. Mexico’s secretary agreed, bolstering California-Mexico ties benefits both the north and south and promised next week’s visit is the first of many steps.

Meade said, “He will go to a country where he, his wife and his delegation accompanying him will have a good time.”

State lawmakers and business leaders make up the delegation expected to also promote tourism to California and improving education.