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MODESTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The California Republican Party has pulled its endorsement of congressional candidate Ted Howze as he faces sharp criticism over past posts on his social media accounts.

Earlier in May, the Republican candidate apologized for the “ugly ideas” in the posts and claimed they were written by other people who had access to his accounts.

“Like many in my age group, I learned a good lesson about protecting and regularly monitoring all my social media accounts for unauthorized activity,” Howze said at the time.

Howze sent FOX40 a statement on the posts Thursday:

These are false attacks about social media posts several years old that I did not write, and which do not resemble anything close to my decades-long record of serving dairy farms, coaching, and living in the Central Valley. These alleged posts were never mentioned during the very competitive campaign I ran for Congress in 2018, and only now are being peddled by national Democrats because our campaign is a real threat to Josh Harder. Instead of talking about these Brett Kavanaugh-like character smearing attacks, we ought to be talking about getting people back to work and making life more affordable for Central Valley residents.

Ted Howze

After more posts surfaced on Thursday, Politico reported the National Republican Congressional Committee pulled its support of Howze.

The posts on Howze’s account were insulting to Muslims, the black community and the LGBT community, mocked a survivor of the Parkland school shooting and suggested without evidence that Hilary Clinton was linked to a murder.

In a unanimous decision, the Republican Party’s Board of Directors voted Thursday night to rescind their endorsement of Howze.

“Mr. Howze’s social media posts recently revealed through news reports are disgraceful, disgusting and do not represent the values we hold or the Party we are building,” wrote Jessica Millan Patterson, the chair of the California Republican Party.

Howze is currently challenging incumbent U.S. Rep. Josh Harder to represent California’s 10th Congressional district, which covers Stanislaus County and parts of San Joaquin County.