Hundreds of Kids Fill Railroad Museum for Newsom’s ‘You are the Future’ Event

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SACRAMENTO — It’s been a weekend of celebrations ahead of Gavin Newsom’s inauguration.

Sunday, the governor-elect hosted hundreds of kids at the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento. The event was all about showing how children are the future and they should be the state’s focus.

It has been a while since California has had a governor with young kids in office and parents say they are hoping Newsom’s perspective as a father will shape his policies.

While drumming up excitement, Newsom, with the help of hundreds of kids, tried to show he will stick to his campaign promise — to put children first.

“Look any of us, any of you, that are parents you get it,” he said. “You’re just different. You have a different sense of purpose and different empathy, see the world through a different set of eyes.”

He says his perspective as a father will shape his policy.

“You’ll see that not only as a preamble to the inaugural and the budget that we’ll be submitting next week but I think it will be a big part of the administration and, hopefully, a successful four years,” Newsom said.

From health care to education, he says citizens can expect to see major investments.

While highlighting his focus on parental leave, Newsom stated that for him “the return on investment is exponentially greater if you can create a pathway for those parents to have the leave and to have the security of their job to create that architecture for their children.”

It’s what parents at the event were hoping to hear.

“I feel like this is kind of a signal that he has families first in mind,” one parent said.

Sunday was just a warm-up for the governor-elect’s inauguration. He’s expected to take the oath of office around noon on Monday.

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