Interview: Fmr. Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs discusses why Newsom owes his recall victory to Dem base


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs talks with FOX40’s Eric Harryman about what Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall victory says about Democratic support in the state.

“The voters of California — a multiracial coalition of folks — saw that this recall was reprehensible, repulsive, ridiculous, regressive and voted against it,” Tubbs said. “I think it’s an acknowledgment that California will continue to lead the nation.”

Tubbs said the result is not just an affirmation of Newsom, but the Democratic platform as a whole.

“The vast majority — at least tonight — of Californians said, as the Governor said, ‘yes’ to science, ‘yes’ to opportunity and ‘yes’ to moving forward,” Tubbs said. “That’s not to say California’s perfect. It’s definitely not, but to solve problems you have to be competent, and that’s why voters decided to vote against this ridiculous recall.”

Newsom has the diversity of the Democratic base to thank for his win, Tubbs said.

“I think the numbers really illustrate that the base came through,” Tubbs said. “Latino voters, Black voters, Asian voters, Democratic voters, college-educated voters all did what was necessary to do in terms of voting and voting in a way that allows us to continue to move forward.”

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