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BUTTE COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Candidate for governor Larry Elder visited the Oroville Dam with Congressman Doug LaMalfa Sunday.

He said, among the top priorities for him as governor, will be creating efficient storage for water. Elder said there’s been no improvement to water storage infrastructure in the past 50 years.

Elder also said the state’s forests have been poorly-managed when it comes to clearing them out.

“We’re spending a $100 billion on a bullet train to nowhere,” Elder said. “That project’s going to be stopped. We also have a surplus, I’m told between $40 and $80 billion depending on who you believe, that money will also be used for more fire suppression.”

As far as Democrats characterizing him as an anti-vaxxer, he simply said that’s not true, but he believes that people have choices on whether or not to get vaccinated.

“When I become governor, I know that Gavin Newsom has mandated that every state worker who has not been vaccinated be tested once a week and wear a face mask at work — I’m going to repeal it before I’ve had my first cup of coffee,” Elder said.