Local Republicans React to Mike Pence as Trump’s Running Mate

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SACRAMENTO -- Now that Indiana Governor Mike Pence has officially been named as Donald Trump's running mate, local republicans are reacting.

"I served with Pence in Congress many years ago... He's got a good track record," said former Congressman Doug Ose.

Ose is a current GOP Delegate who spoke to FOX40 from Cleveland, where he's attending the Republican National Convention.

"Looking forward to getting him nominated as Vice President and having the Trump-Pence ticket, take their message across the country," Ose told FOX40.

Hillary Clinton's campaign wasted no time attacking Governor Pence releasing attack ads online and in battleground states on TV this week. But it's not just Democrats who have issue with Trump's pick.

Doug Elmets has worked on four presidential campaigns, including two for president Reagan and one for George H. W. Bush. He said Pence won't help Trump reach undecided voters.

"In an ideal situation, it would be great to have selected somebody who was a demographic other than what he represents—which is an older white male. I do think it was a missed opportunity," said Elmets.

But Elmets agrees Pence will satisfy many in the Republican base.

"For many Republicans, the selection of Pence gives them some hope that Donald Trump does take advice in council," Elmets told FOX40.

Still, both Elmets and Ose agree the majority of voters will be picking the top of the ticket and Vice Presidential candidates are only an after thought.

"If you're happy with the way things are, you want another four years of the country headed down the tubes, then you're going to vote for Clinton," Ose said.

Elmets tells us both Trump and Pence have him voting a way he never thought he would.

"I have never voted for anybody other than a Republican, in 40 years. Hillary Clinton will be the first Democrat that I've ever voted for," Elmets told FOX40.

Pence will officially be nominated at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week.

FOX40 will be covering the RNC from the Rock & Roll Capitol of the World. Sonseeahray Tonsall will be live in Cleveland all week with insight and interviews from local delegates.


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