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Could he be more calm?

"You called it the gold standard. You called it the gold standard of trade deals," said Donald Trump as he tried to clobber Hillary Clinton about NAFTA.

Could she be more candid?

"Donald I know you live in your own reality, but that's not the facts," countered Clinton.

More calm? More candid?

Two questions not at all about what policies the 45th president of the United States might implement, but two questions that loomed large over the first head-to-head debate battle between the top two candidates vying for the country's votes.

FOX40 checked in with folks leaning toward Donald Trump in Roseville and with those supporting Secretary Hillary Clinton in midtown Sacramento as the onstage sparring continued.

"At least I have a plan to fight ISIS," Clinton quipped.

"You're telling them everything you want to do," Trump blasted.

When the 90 minutes of the saying and doing was done, Trump's California campaign chair chose not to speak on camera.

Reaction among voters was mixed.

"Both sides could be better. That's all I got to say about it," said Jeff Cooper.

Voter Mark Savickas came to the Roseville watch party supporting Trump, but was disappointed with what he didn't hear from his candidate.

"He's leaving a lot of the important issues out. For us, it's trust, trust and trust. And she's been allowed to do things that the average citizen would be in jail or prison over," he said.

"It's solidifying my vote. I am definitely voting for him because, I,  she's had 30 years to do something... and she's done nothing," said Tiffany Cooper.

Clintonites seemed more universally behind their candidate.

"She just has a grasp on the facts. She knows what she wants to do. She has a fully formulated plan. I've looked at both web sites. And hers is rich in detail, rich in specifics," said Jennifer Wood.

"I thought Hillary Clinton did a great job. I thought it wasn't even close to being a contest. He wasn't specific at all," Chris McCarthy.

"America needs a president who understands foreign policy and what it takes to sit down and communicate with world leaders. Donald Trump has proven, and especially in this debate tonight is proving, that he does not have the temperament to be president," said Eric Bauman, vice chair of California's Democratic Party.

Trump and Clinton will face-off again on the debate stage Oct.9.

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