Mueller Report: What It Could Mean for the 2020 Election

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SACRAMENTO — Local analysts on both sides of the political aisle are still processing what we know so far about special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Attorney General William Barr released a summary Sunday of the report to Congress, revealing Mueller did not find evidence of Russian collusion inside the Donald Trump campaign. Republicans are celebrating and even breathing a sigh of relief to know the special counsel found no evidence of Russian collusion but Democrats say the fight for justice is far from over. “I was pleased to see confirmed what I already knew is the case, which was that our president didn’t collude with the Russians,” said attorney Harmeet Dhillon with the Republican National Committee. Dhillon told FOX40 by phone that Republicans were celebrating what they view as a political victory. At the same time, many were disappointed that so many resources were wasted on an investigation that she says never should have happened. “It’s not all happiness for me,” she said. “I feel very angry and frustrated as an American and as a lawyer to see justice perverted in this way. And to see that our president was put through this harassment, and people around him were put through this harassment, for two years with really no evidence to support it.” The question remains — how will the findings impact the 2020 election? “This is really significant for 2020 as of today. You never know what next week holds,” said Sacramento attorney Mark Reichel. Reichel says the summary report could help President Trump and hurt Democrats in the short term. “I think this round definitely goes to the Republican Party and to President Trump,” Reichel said. “This is a big blow for the Democrats for 2020. Not something they can’t recover from or won’t recover from but it was their hope that this would end the campaign season a little early.” But Reichel also notes the summary leaves questions for obstruction, something that democratic strategist Steven Maviglio says gives Republicans something to worry about. “I think Democrats were looking for more,” Maviglio said. “Republicans wanted a clean slate, which it wasn’t. So at the end of the day, I think we’re going to be hearing about this report right through the election.” Maviglio, who also served as a delegate for Hillary Clinton, says the fight is far from over for democratic hopefuls running in 2020. He believes focusing on the issues that matter most to voters will be their ticket for success on the campaign trail. “If I were running for president right now as a Democrat, I would hammer away to get that report released and then once that report is released, talk about it for the next six months,” Maviglio said. Everyone FOX40 spoke to Sunday agreed that the full report should be released to the public.

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