President Trump Order Dismantles Obama Climate Change Policy

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SACRAMENTO -- President Donald Trump's signature on an executive order putting a priority on the production of domestically produced energy from coal, oil and natural gas drew immediate reaction from those in California engaged in fighting climate change.

Governor Jerry Brown in a joint statement with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called the order rescinding President Barack Obama's executive orders "profoundly misguided and shockingly ignores basic science."

Trump called the new direction an assault on over regulation and job-killing policies. He said the order ends the "war on coal" and said it opens the way for the use of "clean coal" to be used for energy production.

But California Sierra Club Director Katherine Phillips said climate change has real effects on Californians including extended droughts which can cause catastrophic wild land fires as well as flooding.

"What President Trump is doing is essentially putting his head in the sand and saying we're not going to address it, we're going to stick with old dirty processes," said Phillips.

She said people outside California are beginning to embrace clean energy sources that can produce jobs in a new economy comprised of wind and solar energy technologies.

She said the energy industry considers coal burning technology no longer efficient or economically viable.

But Trump said in signing the executive order that the EPA will no longer step beyond its authority in trying to shape energy policy and penalizing certain energy sectors. He also said the order is a blow to over regulation.


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