Protesters Demand Action from Roseville Congressman as New Lawmakers Sworn In

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ROSEVILLE — In front of Congressman Tom McClintock’s Roseville offices, 50 or so people demonstrated Thursday, asking their congressman to make changes in Washington D.C.

“Listen to your constituents who come out here every week. We write you letters. Who ask you to represent us,” said Barbara Brass of RATT Pack.

They got honks but not everyone passing by agreed.

Still, everyone had issues they wanted to see policy changes on.

“In the environment, in health care,” said Mark Rosen, co-chair of Indivisible Auburn.

“Immigration is huge and we really need to revamp this horrific, horrible immigration program that’s a torture program, I think,” Brass said.

But that could be asking Congress too much.

Dan Walters, a CALmatters columnist, said with a democratic controlled House, a republican controlled Senate and Donald Trump in the White House all may be too focused on 2020 to get anything meaningful done.

“The democrats in the house will be trying to make Donald Trump look as bad as he possibly can,” Walters told FOX40. “Trump will blame them for anything that goes bad. It’s just going to be like kids in a sandbox.”

In the meantime, this Congress will have to deal with a government shutdown now in its 13th day as the president demands billions of dollars to fund a border wall.

“To me, it’s a ransom against the country and those federal workers who are being put out of jobs,” Brass said.

Walters believes to end it both sides will eventually agree to a deal where they make concessions but still save face.

“Trump’s no longer on the wall,” Walters said. “Trump is on border security and I think something like that will be the face-saving thing, some sort of accommodation where they’ll beef up security on the border or something but it probably won’t be a wall.”

This new Congress does have a lot of California connections on both sides of the aisle. Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco is now speaker of the House and Kevin McCarthy from Bakersfield is now the minority leader in the House.

In 2020, California’s primary will be in March, so many of the presidential candidates are likely going to be making some trips to the state within the next year.


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