SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — While some states have “trigger laws” that will restrict abortion access with Roe v. Wade now being overturned, California will likely move to become a sanctuary state, Jessica Levinson said.

Levinson, a professor at Loyola Law School, explains that the Supreme Court’s decision left access to abortions up to the states. 

According to Levinson, California will likely try to increase resources and support for people in the state. Lawmakers will also try to support those in other states, who may have to go to California.

“We will see the opposite in red states, where they will not only either severely restrict or ban abortion in those states, but they’ll actually try and reach out of the state borders and prevent women from traveling to obtain an abortion,” Levinson explained.

She went on to say that women in the United States will have very different experiences depending on the state they live in. 

On abortion pills, Levinson said, in the short term, there will likely be some contention between the federal government and red states. But if there is a true conflict, federal law will win.

“Could there be a push on the federal level to ban all abortions? If the composition of Congress changes, of the Senate and of the White House, which is not outside of the realm of possibility, I do think we could see at least proposals to completely ban abortions,” Levinson said. 

Levinson said there is no doubt the Supreme Court’s decision “is the fruition of a huge goal” for conservatives. 

“There’s no question that the conservative movement has been planning and pushing for this,” Levinson said. 

One of the next things to look to is how this will affect elections, Levinson said.