Searches for ‘When does the debate end’ spike 3,000% as candidates wrap up final confrontation


(NEXSTAR) – Election fatigue is real, and we saw clear evidence of that Thursday night as President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden went slightly over their allotted 90 minutes for the second and final debate of the 2020 campaign.

Google Trends – which monitors the volume of inquiries on the search engine – tweeted just after the planned 7:30 pm stop time that searches for “when does the debate end” had spiked 3000 percent.

While many are ready for the race to be over, the question is not a common one, and some level of interest increase is to be expected.

The debate contained with more substance and less interruption and name-calling than the first debate, but with far fewer undecided voters remaining at this point than in many previous elections, many are eager to move past the debates and get on with the November 3rd election. After more than a year of primary and general election campaigning, Thursday night was likely that last moment to convince a wide audience of voters who were still willing to be swayed.

With Trump behind by at least seven points in national polling averages and needing to make a comeback, the debate may have been his best hope to change the narrative, but more than 46 million votes have already been cast, and the window to change the dynamics of the race is swiftly closing.

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