Stockton’s New Mayor Looks to Raise Employment, Lower Violence

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STOCKTON — It’s furlough Friday for city workers in Stockton, but for upcoming Mayor Michael Tubbs there’s no rest when the city needs change.

FOX40 sat down with Stockton’s newest, and youngest, mayor.

“What’s changed, I think, is the mood of the city,” Tubbs said. “Although the issues remain the same. We’re always concerned about the crime, jobs, opportunity for their kids and homelessness.”

Tubbs already has a slew of issues to tackle, like the city’s economy and unemployment rate. Most recently, Dole announced they would be shutting down their facility on El Pinal Drive by the end of the month.

“Which is why our economic development and recruitment efforts have to double so that for everything we lose, we gain some as well,” he explained.

And another ongoing issue — violent crime. 2016’s homicide rate stands at 49, a number the mayor says is way too high.

“We’ll have to continue our focus, our laser focus, on gun violence and on those folks who are most likely to be victims and perpetrators of crime,” the mayor explained.

The mayor said he’s ready for the work ahead because some change doesn’t happen overnight.

As for what’s next, the mayor says he’s looking forward to being sworn in on Tuesday at the Bob Hope Theatre.

The new mayor also said he’s talking to potential new businesses looking to move to Stockton.

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