Taxpayers excluded from stimulus checks due to citizenship status say their constitutional rights are violated

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – People married to immigrants, some undocumented, some in the process of obtaining citizenship, are some of the many families who will not receive federal stimulus checks during this pandemic. 

One Sacramento area mother says this exclusion is an affront to her constitutional rights.

Like most families, Anastasia Campos and her children enjoy spending time together, such as their first trip to Yosemite Valley last summer.

However, unlike most taxpayers she and her four young kids have not and will not receive stimulus checks under the federal CARES act.

“How is this right? This is not right and you’re negating families completely because of one person.” Campos told FOX40.

Campos says most of her family members are U.S. citizens but one relative uses an ITIN, otherwise known as an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, which means none of them will receive any stimulus money.

“I was shocked that my government, after paying taxes for so many years, would just slap me in the face,” said Campos.

Immigration attorney Maegen Fulencheck stresses that ITIN holders are taxpayers who are not eligible for Social Security benefits and not all came to the country illegally.

“There are times when you would be in the United States lawfully but you might not have permission to work so you would not have a Social Security number but you would still need to file taxes,” explained Fulencheck.

Campos says the pandemic has been rough on her family. 

“Had a lot of loss of income and it’s really been devastating to our family,” said Campos.

While she says the federal money would have helped, the injustice she feels only adds fuel to her passion. 

“My goal, as an attorney, is to help people,” said Campos.

Her drive and dream to go to law school and become an attorney came from Campos’ late grandmother Dixie’s work in helping families affected by domestic violence.

“Individuals that are citizens are being left out because of an Individualized Tax Identification Number and it’s just simply wrong,” said Campos.

There is now a petition and two lawsuits against the federal government — claiming President Donald Trump and his administration denied stimulus checks to these families, which they claim, violates their constitutional rights. 

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