Thousands Attend Bernie Sanders Rally in Downtown Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO — On his third stop of the day in Northern California, Bernie Sanders, one of several vying for the Democratic presidential nomination, stressed the importance of the Golden State to a welcoming Sacramento crowd Thursday night.

While emphasizing the fight against climate change didn’t provide enough traction to help fellow Democrat Governor Jay Inslee stay in the race, Sanders went big on going green. He unveiled a $16 trillion plan to stop global warming on Thursday.

An estimated 4,000 people attended the event despite near triple-digit temperatures in Sacramento.

There was no shortage of concern over the short shrift attendees feel the current administration is paying to conservation efforts big and small.

“It’s a travesty,” Sanders supporter Alice Strombom said. “It’s an absolute travesty.”

Sanders’ new plan for the U.S. to reach 100 percent renewable energy by 2030 and create 20 million new jobs needed to do the work of solving the climate crisis are just the kind of ideas his fans appreciate.

“He has an answer to every question that can be posed to him and they’re thoughtful and sincere and real,” supporter Shareen Rocha said.

Sanders told this crowd that this election is about much more than beating Donald Trump, it’s about an unprecedented political movement at an unprecedented time.

He ticked down his regular hit parade of the common “us versus the elite” theme. touching on topics like Medicare for All and ending current immigration policies he’s deemed racist.

Many voters here seemed to be focused on what they see as the moral undertone of his message as well, to give all Americans a life with dignity.

“I like how he thinks,” business owner and supporter Zion Taddese said. “He thinks for people always looking for the community for the younger generation.”


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