Weird Voting News and Trivia from Around the Country

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A woman in Boca Raton, Fla. was barred from her polling place because she was wearing an MIT shirt. MIT, as in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, not Mitt Romney. Governor Romney’s name has two T’s, so. (Source: Boca News Now)

You’ve more than likely seen someone on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feeds post a picture of their filled-out ballot. It’s actually illegal to take a picture of your ballot in California, and many other states have similar laws. If you really can’t live without posting a picture of your ballot online, Delaware might be a nice place to live. (Source: Gizmodo, The Week)

The Empire State Building is broadcasting CNN’s election returns with red and blue lights. Depending on which candidate is ahead, more blue or red will be added. The building will be completely red or completely blue, again depending on who wins the election. (Source: CNN)

As Election Day grew closer and closer in 2012, more and more Americans used Google to search, “who is running for president?” Yikes. (Source: Google)

Three iconic albums are old enough to vote in this election: Nirvana’s “Unplugged”, Green Day’s “Dookie” and Nas’ “Illmatic”. The movie “The Lion King” is old enough to vote.

Of America’s 50 states, 48 are winner take all in the Electoral College. Nebraska and Maine march to their own drum, so to speak.

President Zachary Taylor never voted prior to his 1848 election. (Source: Miller Center)

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