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Roseville Police arrested two suspects in a drug ring that shipped illegal drugs through a a local Post Office facility.

They say Tim Reimer and Brian Getz based their operation in the Nevada City/Grass Valley area where 141 pounds of processed and wrapped pot was found along with $225,000 in cash.

The pot was supposedly shipped to addresses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey where one of the suspects would fly to pick up the drugs. The practice is not unusual ever since medical marijuana was made legal in California. Some dealers don’t chance driving illegal pot across the country.

“They’re going through several states all with varying laws and you’re just one broken tail light and maybe a lead foot from being stopped by law enforcement so it’s less risky to ship it,” Roseville Police spokesperson Dee Dee Gunther said.

The shipments often go to an address with a phoney name to further insulate dealers. In this case someone smelled the pot shipment and a month long investigation ensued with US Postal Inspectors and Homeland Security joinng Rosevill police investigators.

May drug dealers believe shippers like the US Postal Service, UPS and FedEx are so mechanized and deal with so many packages that detecting drugs with drug sniffing dogs is impractical.

But the postal inspectors told FOX40 that workers are trained to spot suspicious packages by the way they’re wrapped and addressed and even how they smell.

Postal inspectors mean business. There is a standing $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those who ship illegal drugs. The number of arrests and the amount of drugs and cash that have been confiscated has increased over the years as well. But there is no way to know how much cash and drugs are exchanged successfully thorough commercial shipping companies.

It hasn’t been determined if the pair of suspects will be prosecuted in federal or state courts. Roseville detectives say more arrests are expected as their investigation into the drug ring continues.