MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KRON) — President Joe Biden is set to arrive in the San Francisco Bay Area on Tuesday for a two-day stay.

The president will be going to several campaign events after arriving in the Bay Area on Tuesday. This is Biden’s third visit in six months. Six months ago, he was touring storm damage, and three months ago, he was meeting with tech leaders to learn more about artificial intelligence as well as campaigning.

This visit is expected to work out much the same, mixing business with pleasure. Biden plans to meet with scientists, but there will be a lot of private fundraisers during the stay as he seeks reelection in 2024. Two events Tuesday night will be private fundraisers to add more money to his campaign.

Recent polling showed President Biden either tied with former President Donald Trump or drastically behind him, despite Trump’s numerous indictments. According to experts, the indictments have energized Trump’s base. Some of the worries about Biden among those polled said it’s about the economy and his age.

After leaving the Bay Area, Biden is expected to visit Phoenix on his next stop.