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This week a California lawmaker proposed a bill requiring adult bike riders to wear helmets.

Currently in our state, anyone under the age of 18 is required to protect their heads on bicycles, while helmets for adults are optional.

Under the proposed law adults caught without helmets could face a fine of up to $25.

“It’s a no brainer adults should wear helmets,” said cyclist Patrick Powers. Powers and his daughter, Isabella are big advocates of helmets.

“Adult brains are just as important as kids brains and we need to protect our heads,” said Isabella Powers.

The Powers like the idea of the bill which would make California the first state with a law of this type.

“That’s great! California is first in a lot of things and I think it should be first in adults wearing helmets,” said Patrick Powers.

Some cycling advocates have expressed opposition saying the bill would deter people from using bicycles as a means of transportation.

One local bike shop tells FOX40 requiring adults to wear helmets would bring in more business.

College Cyclery employee, Andrew Moore says about 50% of adults who buy bikes also buy helmets.

“I think it’s a great idea. I’ve been in a large wreck not having a helmet and I broke my skull and my neck,” Moore said.

In hopes of preventing wrecks like Moore’s, the proposed bill would also require all cyclists wear reflective clothing at night.