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The state of California is known for having tough gun regulations. In the next eight days we could have even more.

AB-711 now sitting on the governor’s desk, and if passed will ban lead bullets.

“We have known for a long time lead is dangerous. We banned it from paint, we banned it from children’s toys. This would ban it from lead-based hunting ammo,” said Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood.

The bill’s author says the lead bullet fragments left in the environment poison animals that eat them.

“It’s effecting wild life population; it’s affecting the health of those people who eat the animals they hunt,” Rendon said.

The California Fish and Game Wardens Association and many others disagree that lead from bullets is bad for wildlife.

“They have force-fed animals lead and all that happens is they poop lead,” said Sam Paredes from Gun Owners of California.

The feds already banned non-lead bullets because they pierce body armor.

“The federal government has banned non lead ammunition. State government bans lead ammunition. The net effect is you ban hunting in the state of California,” Paredes said.

The ATF says they have made an exception for some non-lead bullets for shot guns which are mainly used to kill birds. But there are no exceptions for rifles used for hunting large game, meaning hunters would be without a legal bullet to use.