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Conserving water is a priority in the drought but one local city is telling some homeowners they’re taking it too far.

A family living on Cap Rock Way in Rancho Cordova thought they were doing the right thing by watering their lawn about once a month, but they were thrown off Wednesday when the city gave them a notice because of their brown grass.

The City of Rancho Cordova has no mandatory water restrictions.

“We were actually pretty surprised because we’re in a pretty serious drought in California,” Yaro Shcherbanyuk said.

The family was thrown off Wednesday, when they found a notice in their mailbox, from the city, telling them they must water by Sept. 29.

“Our goal is that they maintain their yards to a minimum level so that they don’t die,” Kerry Simpson from the City of Rancho Cordova said.

Simpson says homeowners are encouraged to conserve water, but the city also wants to help people maintain the value of their homes.

“We want to ensure that they don’t completely lose their front yard and have to relandscape in the future,” she said. “We don’t want dirt front yards.”

Shcherbanyuk thinks the city is sending mixed messages.

“On one angle they tell us we need to save water and the other they tell us to water our lawn,” he said.

City officials say the notices follow complaints from neighbors about brown grass.  The city also insists that the letters are not citations and homeowners can not be fined for having brown lawns.