Reported Mountain Lion Sightings in Modesto Prompt Caution

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Two mountain lion sightings in the southwest Modesto area has law enforcement issuing precautionary warnings.

On Tuesday, a resident reported a mountain lion in the area of Crow’s Landing Road and East Whitmore Avenue.

Extensive search of a nearby neighborhood turned up nothing. A few hours later, a Sheriff’s deputy spotted a mountain lion two miles away in a loading dock area on Morgan Road.

Joaquin Tafolla was getting off work that evening and saw a fox bolt from a cornfield.

“I was saying, ‘What the heck.’ It looked like something was chasing it, so there was definitely a large animal there,” Tafolla said.

Earlier this week, a deer was found in a furniture store in Modesto. Fish and Wildlife officials say the drought has driven some animals into urban areas looking for food. Mountain lions often follow their food source, like deer.

That’s enough for Modesto Police to warn residents to be on the lookout, even though neither sighting was confirmed.

“They are known to attack pets and attacks on humans too, so just be cautious,” Modesto Police spokesperson Heather Graves.

Neighbors say they’ll stay inside from dusk until dawn when the big cats roam. Tafolla will be cautious too.

“There is something there,” he said. When I come to work now, I wind up my car window now.”

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