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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — With less than three days until polls close, supporters and opponents of the campaign to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom kept busy today, hoping their messaging will resonate with last-minute voters.

“We need to crush it,” said Tracie Stafford, party chair of the Sacramento County Democratic Party.

With just about 72 hours until polls close Tuesday evening, organizers here are hoping to motivate California voters who have not yet voted to reject the recall effort to oust Newsom from office.

Rep. Doris Matsui helped to get the message out at the Democratic Party Headquarters in downtown.

“He’s a great governor. He really is,” Matsui said. “We need to defeat this recall for actually the future of this state.”

Democratic party members, like Mario Guerrero, brought that message to voters using a variety of methods.

“Phone banking, canvassing. We’re even putting up lawn signs this weekend,” Guerrero said. “So there’s all manner of activities that the message goes out. The vote needs to be ‘no’ on the recall.”

Democrats aren’t the only ones holding a last-minute vote effort. At the Sacramento County Republican Party headquarters, volunteers held their own phone bank, calling on Californians to vote “yes” on the recall.

Sacramento County GOP Central Committee Member Mike Story helped to organize Saturday’s phone bank.

“Republicans have a tendency of voting later, rather than earlier, and we like to do our voting in-person rather than mail,” Story said. “I don’t think the polls accurately reflect what’s going on out there. So, right now, we’re calling these people to make darn sure they’ve sent-in their ballots.”

Sue Frost, Sacramento County’s 4th District supervisor, helped with getting that message out Saturday.

“I’ll be so grateful if we can recall Governor Newsom,” Frost said.

While each party offers differing messages on the recall, Democrats and Republicans do agree on one thing: Get out and vote.