Residents Complain About Concert in West Sacramento

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WEST SACRAMENTO — A concert in West Sacramento Saturday night had many neighbors upset. Those who live in the area say the Hall of Fame event caused problems with parking, littering and filled their neighborhood with cursing that was racially charged.

“It was really loud. Excessively loud,” one neighbor who lives on E Street in West Sacramento, but did not want to give her name, told FOX40. “Lots of foul language, just noisy, people walking down disrespectful, people leaving loud, disrespectful.”

The hip hop show was held on the West Sacramento River Walk. Neighbors say there was litter left all over the park.

Staff at the next event, Off the Grid, told FOX40 off camera, they had to do most of the cleaning.

Neighbors said Saturday night many in the crowd were disrespectful leaving the event. One women told FOX40 she had to call the police to get rid of concert-goers who were sitting on her front steps.

“I hope they continue once and awhile having these concerts, otherwise the kids have no outlets for their fun and they just hang in the streets,” said Jeff Lyon, who disagrees with many of his neighbors. “In our neighborhood we’re used to loud noises. We’re used to the trains going by two blocks away and we have Raley’s Field a few blocks away. So loud noise is not a bad thing here, especially if it stops at 10 o’clock at night and last night the concert was over at 10 o’clock.”

Still others say they could hear the cursing clear as a bell in their living rooms and so could their kids.

“This is turning into you know a family neighborhood over here, and that bothers me. It bothers me a lot,” the woman who lives on E Street told FOX40.

The City of West Sacramento responded in a statement:

“West Sacramento police dispatch got 14 noise complaint calls Saturday night. Most of them were from patrons dining outside at restaurants along the river in Old Sacramento. The City’s Park and Recreation Department is reviewing the situation and will be following up with the producers of the HOFDAY concert.”

Sunday FOX40 reached out to both the concert promoters for comment but have not received a response.

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