Riders Frustrated after Car Windows Smashed at Light Rail Station

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SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento Regional Transit District confirms a group of five teenagers broke into more than 20 cars parked at the Franklin Light Rail Station on Tuesday.

“It’s just frustrating to know there was no security there. For a big lot such as that, it’s ridiculous,” light rail commuter Jason said. “If there was security patrolling, it may have deterred them from even going into the parking lot.”

Sgt. Renee Mitchell confirms there was no security on the property, but she says teams were monitoring cameras and officers rushed to the parking lot as soon as they learned what was going on.

They got there within 15 minutes.

“We don’t have staffing to staff everything, 24/7 across every single line in the city all the time,” Mitchell said.

Regional Transit police officers were able to catch the teens after they boarded a train to another station. They were found with mostly loose change.

Charges are pending.

“Our security system is pretty solid to where if you’re going to commit a crime, we’re going to find you and arrest you,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell says the transit system has 22 security officers on staff and they’re in the process of adding 13 more.

It still is not enough to staff every lot, but Regional Transit is hoping it will help.

Jason says it’s not worth the risk.

“For now, I just want to get my windows fixed so I can drive the car,” he told FOX40. “From that point on, I’ll try to look for different options.”


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