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ROCKLIN, Calif. (KTXL) — With proms canceled and graduations postponed, the end of the school year looks a lot different than 2020 seniors expected.

“To go from being super busy and working really hard on everything and then have nothing to do was kind of crazy,” Whitney High School senior Annelise Counter explained.

One tradition Annelise missed out on was Commitment Day. 

“Traditionally on May 1, Commitment Day is when students go to school wearing their shirt of wherever they’re going, what their future plans are,” mother Sarah Counter said. “So really the purpose of this parent group was to come up with alternatives.”

Their solution was to decorate the front of their houses so seniors could celebrate each other from a distance.

“And the goal was for the students to drive around and look at each other’s homes, so not just to decorate our house, but to really celebrate everyone else,” Sarah Counter explained. 

“And also, it was a good way of seeing everyone’s accomplishments,” Annelise Counter said. “Not just anybody who’s going straight to a four-year university, like people that are going to a community college or a trade school or into the military.”

The word spread quickly, with local businesses getting involved.

A realtor created a map showing all of the participating houses and one of the stops on that map was a cupcake shop.

“Part of the goal was in the route was to stop by and pick up a high school cupcake. So a cupcake that has either Whitney on it or Rocklin and they sold out,” Sarah Counter said. 

So even while the Rocklin community is forced to be apart during the pandemic, they’re coming together to honor the class of 2020. 

“So people are just wanting to do something for these kids. I think everybody’s recognizing this is a hardship for our seniors,” Sarah Counter said. “I think every high school should consider doing these. We should be sharing ideas among other high schools across the state, and even the country. So whatever we come up with, lets share these ideas to find ways to make these seniors feel special.”

Annelise and Sarah Counter both hope decorating homes becomes a new tradition even after life returns to normal.