Roseville Police Train to Respond to Shooters at School Campuses

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Roseville Police officers took part in training exercises at several school campuses Tuesday so they could better respond to shooting incidents.  An important goal was to get officers accustomed to the layout of the schools where they were training.

Officers rotated through Roseville High School, Woodcreek High School and Silverado Middle School. Silverado principal Priscilla Rasaner was glad to see officers on her campus because shooting incidents at school campuses is a big concern.

“It’s a principals worst nightmare,” said Rasaner.

She briefed officers on areas of campuses where students hang out and areas where there are safety concerns.

In one enclosed courtyard officers discovered there was a pronounced echo when a role-playing gunman fired his pistol as he moved along the second floor corridor.

“It’s hard to figure out where it’s coming from,” said training officer Phil Mancini.

An officer were finally able to locate and capture the suspect. Others walked passed him, exposing their backs to the gunman.

Becoming familiar with each campus will give officers an edge.

“That can be very helpful to bring their stress level down when they’re responding to an area they’re familiar with,” said Sgt. Josh Simon.

Officers worked on teams dealing with suspects and hostages held at gunpoint. But officers also worked scenarios alone, because past incidents have shown that waiting for back-up officers could cost lives.

Another training day is scheduled in a couple of weeks so that all officers can become familiar with the city’s school campuses.

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