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hop sac ruhstaller
The “Hop Sac” beer from Ruhstaller.


Hops, the female flowers of the Hop plant, are used to flavor beer.

They are growing on two little patches of land right off I-80 in Dixon, separated by a tomato field.

An unlikely sight, but this field of dreams is the brainchild of Ruhstaller 2.0. It’s much smaller compared to larger than life legacy of the original Ruhstaller of Sacramento, but plans for this old world meets new world brew are huge.

JE Paino is the CEO, and is leading the charge across the field. This is only one of two hop harvesting locations where it’s actually being grown. On two-and-a-half acres, hop vines cling to and grow up trellises, some up to 18 feet tall.

What’s left is crushed, much like a wine crush, then the hops are ready to use in the beer making process. It’s main job is flavoring, but hops is used as a stabilizer as well.

And how stable it is. Their premier of First Leaf, is due out in stores later this month.