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Officials spent hours chasing a runaway cow that bolted onto a major highway and onto the streets of Elk Grove early Wednesday morning.

CHP first spotted the black cow on Highway 99 around 4 a.m. The cow led them into an Elk Grove field near Stockton and Elk Grove Boulevards. About a dozen Elk Grove Police officers joined the chase and were able to corner the cow on several instances, but the cow managed run across the street into a shopping center and another nearby field.

“We didn’t want the cow to walk into the flow of traffic and create a hazard for people on the road,” said Elk Grove Police.

Officials initially called farmers from the nearby Hardesty Ranch to claim the cow. The cow didn’t belong to them, but they helped chase the cow, eventually calling for a horse so a rancher could rope it.

Police said the cow was “taken into custody” around 8 a.m.

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