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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — On Thursday, Sacramento Metro Fire arrived at a wrecking yard where a Tesla was fully engulfed in flames and when firefighters attempted to extinguish the electric vehicle the fire would reignite, according to Metro Fire.

Metro Fire said that the fire started in the battery compartment and that there did not seem to be an external ignition source.

The batteries would keep reigniting the fire and the wrecking yard assisted Metro Fire by turning the car on its side and exposing the battery compartment, according to Metro Fire.

Courtesy of Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District

Metro Fire said that even with water being directly sprayed onto the batteries, they would still reignite the fire.

Eventually, a small pit was dug and filled with water and the Tesla was placed inside of it, fully submerging the batteries and stopping the fire, according to Metro Fire.

No injuries were reported from this incident, according to Metro Fire.

The Rocklin Firefighters Facebook page, run by Rocklin Firefighters Local 3847, shared Metro Fire’s social media post on Sunday and commented “the future is going to be tricky!”.