Sac Unified May Lay Off 20 Teachers

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It has been an ongoing battle as parents push to save schools from closing, but tonight more frustrating news.

As the district looks to save money parents and teachers are bearing the brunt.

Proposed budget reductions would cut 20 teacher positions, a grant writing position and many more all to save the district $5.7 million including school closures.

“That tells me, as a parent, that perhaps the district isn’t putting children first,” said parent Darlene Anderson.

The district maintains declining enrollment is their main reason for closing seven schools.

Parents ask why the district is investing more money in high priority schools and in expanding schools rather than using the ones they have.

“At a time when we are in a big crunch for fiscal dollars we are talking about restructuring the district and restructuring by buildings not children,” said Anderson

One board member, Diana Rodriquez, asked the budgeting committee to consider how much more enrollment will decline by schools closing.

As enrollment declines so does revenue.

The district also projected an $18.9 million increase in health care, utilities and other amenities.


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