Sacramento American Muslim Community Expresses Outrage Over Attacks

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The Muslim Community in Sacramento expressed it’s outrage over the attacks that killed U.S. Ambassador Christoper Stevens.

The sermon at Friday prayers at the Salam Center was changed at the last minute by Imam M.A. Azeez. He told the worshipers that Stevens was a good man and that he prayed that the killers would be brought to justice.

He reminded those in attendance that mainstream Islam is about tolerance and turning the other cheek when confronted with something they don’t believe in.  Azeez also challenged American Muslims that they should do more to reach out to relatives and friends overseas and tell them the good sides of their adopted country. He also asked the audience to be more open about their religion.

Joanne Serrieh who attended the prayer service agreed.

“The Muslim community will continue to be misunderstood until we continue to use the media to educate those around us,” said Serrieh.

Adam Jibreel said the sermon was on point.

“It’s about time that we (as American Muslims)  realize that Christopher Stevens was our ambassador, not somebody else’s,” said Jibreel.

At a news conference after the service, several American Muslim groups, including those representing the Egyptian and Libyan Americans also condemned the violence.  They pointed out that 10 Libyans were killed trying to protect the American diplomats.

They also said the anti-Muslim film that spawned the violence and attacks on Americans was a calculated and well timed effort to divide the religious community.  The group also said they are always concerned with a backlash by those who stereotype Muslims as blood thirsty fanatics.

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