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It’s a delicacy mostly eating in Paris, but the world’s largest caviar producer is actually right here in Sacramento.

“A lot of people don’t know what the Sacramento region grows,” said Sterling Caviar General Manager Peter Struffenegger.

For twenty years, Sterling Caviar has raised, packaged and shipped caviar. Not only is it considered top of the line, but white sturgeon is native to California.

“Just like salmon they live in salt water and migrate to fresh water spawns,” Struffenegger said.

But few here know what good caviar is or that it is made in their own backyard.

“What’s funny is they are not really known in our region real well. But go to New York, Paris, Russia and anywhere and Sterling Caviar is the best in the world,” said Randall Selland of the Selland Group.

That’s why Selland has brought in Sterling to kick off Farm to Fork, a weeklong event that highlights area farmers.

“It’s about the Sacramento region and the things we should be really proud of that we live right in the middle of,” Selland said.

And the reason many may not know what good caviar is because of the price. Just one of these container is $600.

But given the 7-10 years it takes for sturgeon to create the eggs, the price is understandable and the taste even better.