Sacramento-Area Pilot Faces Sentencing After Traveling to Philippines to Have Sex with Minors

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SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento-area pilot is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday morning after he was convicted of traveling to the Philippines to have sex with minors. Michael Clemans faces life in prison after police found more than 27,000 images of child pornography.

“i want to be able to get my photos and arrange sex with the underage girls
i do not want you or me to get into trouble
so we have to be very very careful”

This is just the tip of the iceberg in a series of sickening 2014 and 2015 online chats. The FBI says they were between a Bangkok-based airline pilot from Sacramento and a woman in the Philippines. The federal criminal complaint lays out more of the disturbing discussions.

“that is the reason i mentioned orphanages or runaways
or abandoned girls from the typhoons
i am looking for girls that are homeless that will not argue and will have no obligation but to have sex”

Fifty-seven-year-old Michael Carey Clemans has since been convicted of traveling to the Philippines to try to have sex with little girls as young as 7.

He was also convicted of conspiring to produce child porn and buying children.

The criminal complaint says the computer Clemans used to carry out the crimes was at his parents’ home on Blackmer Circle. It’s where the FBI issued a search warrant for evidence and where, on the eve of Clemans’ sentencing, his elderly stepfather answered the door politely. But when asked about Clemans’ court case, he had no words.

The Department of Justice says Clemans paid $6,000 to the woman in the Philippines to take nude photos of girls so he could decide which ones he would travel to rape.

And this is just one case.

Some experts believe the Philippines is quickly becoming a hotbed for child sexual exploitation.

English proficiency and access to the internet means clients and customers can communicate without barriers. Also, in the Philippines the age of consent is 12, which blurs the line between pedophilia and prostitution.

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