(FOX40.COM) — In an effort to provide basic essentials for the local homeless community, Sacramento County launched a new tiny home space called Safe Stay near the corner of Florin Road and Power Inn Road.

“The number one goal is always helping them to secure permanent housing, but we know that for some people that can take quite a bit of time, especially in the (current) market,” said Emily Halcon with the Sacramento County Department of Homeless Services.

The community sits on nearly three acres and includes 125 beds, 24-hour security, air-conditioned rooms, separate trailers for bathrooms, a trailer for showers, and a trailer for laundry. Toiletries are provided for guests and there’s also office space for work and healthcare.

“This really represents a change in the way that we’re trying to provide services,” Halcon said. “First, we’re trying to co-locate services like this in the community where people feel a part of the home. We’re going to serve people here in South Sacramento… they’re in South Sacramento for a reason so sheltering them in their community will go a long way.”

Community members in attendance at Safe Stay’s opening supported the initiative.

“I know some neighborhoods are upset about them being here but I’m happy about them being here,” said Jeanne Lemkuil, a South Sacramento resident. “I think it’s a really good opportunity.”

Each guest’s average stay is expected to be up to 90 days, according to the Sacramento County Department of Homeless Services. Required criteria to stay at the Safe Stay include a referral from a community outreach member. Guests must also maintain good behavior, a felony-free criminal record, and be at least 18 years of age.