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Downtown Sacramento is on track to exceed its goal of adding 10,000 new places to live within ten years.

The City Council got an update on the Downtown Housing Initiative from the Community Development Department Tuesday night.

About 13,000 new downtown housing units are at some stage of planning or development. Since January 2015, 781 have become available.

Mayor Johnson said those numbers are a very big deal.

“The more people that live downtown, the more people that have jobs downtown, the closer they are to where they work,” the Mayor said during Tuesday night’s council meeting. “It builds on the business development that’s already been going on. And then when you have people living downtown, it creates the economic kind of generator that we want to have downtown.”

The goal of 10,000 downtown homes in ten years breaks down to 6,000 market rate homes, 2,500 affordable units, and 1,500 units for the homeless.

City planners also unveiled a new web site Tuesday night, known as the Downtown Developer Tool Kit.

The site puts key information about downtown housing development all in one place.