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The Sacramento American Indian community reacts to the deadly actions of 44-year-old, Cherie Rhoades with disdain.

Rhoades, a former Cedarville Rancheria tribal chairwoman, opened fire at a tribal meeting in Alturas on Thursday afternoon, killing four and injuring two.

The four people dead included Rhoades’ brother, 50-year-old Rurik Davis, her niece 19-year-old Angel Penn, her nephew 30-year-old Glenn Calonicco, and 47-year-old tribal administrator, Sheila Ross. The two injured victims were taken to a Redding hospital. One remains in critical condition.

The shooting happened when Rhoades was evicted from tribal housing, not because she was being “disenrolled” or ousted from the tribe.

“It’s offensive to me as a California Indian, that she is being called a tribal leader,” Cindy La Marr, Executive Director of Capitol Area Indian Resources, said. “I don’t look at this person as a tribal leader. A tribal leader conducts themselves in an appropriate manor, honors traditions, respects their family, and that doesn’t seem like the type of person she was.”

The Cedarville Rancheria is one of over 100 Rancherias in the State of California. Rancherias are now made up of descendants of homeless Indians during the Gold Rush era. It is a federally recognized tribe that receives shared revenue of just over $1 million annually, to aid economic development, healthcare, and welfare.

A new investigation revealed Cherie Rhoades was involved in a federal $50,000 embezzlement case, stealing funds from the tribe. But some said that was just the beginning of her slew of problems.

“I had heard that there was embezzlement of over $300,000,”  La Marr said.

La Marr told FOX40, she spoke to tribal members from Cedarville, who believe Rhoades also had unresolved family issues and personal problems.

“To kill your own niece and nephew, you have to have problems. To come to a meeting with guns, there are problems.”