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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The first person to be arrested after Sacramento police began to investigate the deadly mass shooting made his first court appearance on Tuesday. 

Dandrae Martin’s court appearance was brief as his only charge was having a felony and being in possession of a firearm. 

His defense attorney requested the arraignment be continued later in the month so she could review evidence. 

“We need to get the police reports, see what the evidence is to figure out what to do and how to properly handle the case,” said attorney Linda Parisi. 

There are still a lot of questions and unknowns, such as why Martin is only facing the charge of illegally possessing a gun after Sacramento police told FOX40 Martin was one of the shooters? 

“Dandrae Martin was one of the shooters. He was arrested on one of those charges of assault with a firearm,” Sgt. Zach Eaton said. 

FOX40 asked Jonathan Stein, an Elk Grove-based defense attorney who is not affiliated with the case, to clarify the situation.

“The district attorney is only charging crimes they think they can prove and then as the investigation continues they will amend the complaint,” Stein said. 

With so much potential evidence to pour through, Stein believes it could be weeks, if not longer, before Martin sees additional charges, if he does at all. 

“This is one of the more complicated scenes that police are going to investigate. They have to try and figure out who shot who, which victims were shot by which suspects, and take all of the cellphone videos and all the videos from the businesses in the area, all the witness identifications and put that into one complete story. So, this is an extremely complicated case for them,” Stein said. 

Martin will remain behind bars until his next court date, which is scheduled for three weeks from Tuesday.