SACRAMENTO, Calif (KTXL) — Smiley Martin, 27 and Dandrae Martin, 26, were arraigned in court Thursday for their suspected involvement in the mass shooting in downtown Sacramento in April.

Judge Ken Brody read off Smiley and Dandrae Martin’s multiple murder and gun charges and both are scheduled to reappear in court on June 28.

Both brothers are being held without bail.

The Martin brothers, along with Mtula Payton, are suspects for what law enforcement is calling a gang-related shooting that left six people dead and 12 others wounded.

On Tuesday, Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced that murder charges were filed against the three suspects. Schubert said the Martin brothers and Payton are charged for the deaths for Johntaya Alexander, Melinda Davis and Yamile Martinez-Andrade.

The District Attorney’s office released a 46-page document Wednesday that contains several surveillance photos showing the course of events leading up to the shooting.

In one of the photos, Martinez-Andrade, one of the six victims, is shown falling behind Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi and Smiley Martin around 2 a.m.

Seconds after, the images show Smiley Martin firing a gun north. According to the document, Payton shoots as he ran down 10 Street toward J Street, allegedly firing toward the south while running. 

Within three minutes, five people were hit with gunfire and the body of Melinda Davis, a woman experiencing homelessness, was discovered later. 

Through social media posts by the suspected gang members, investigators were able to identify the men involved, who were wearing the same clothes in the surveillance images.