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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – New details have emerged on the suspect Sacramento Police Department arrested regarding the mass shooting in downtown.

Dandrae Martin was arrested on charges of assault and being a convicted person with a gun.

Police suspect multiple shooters were involved in the incident but the 26-year-old is not charged with killing anyone in the shooting.

Criminal defense attorney Jennifer Mouzis, who was a Sacramento County prosecutor for almost a decade, believes prosecutors may charge smaller offenses with the intent of increasing the charges if appropriate.

“The reason you would do that is so the person is no longer in the community. If you think they’re in custody, it allows you to raise the bail to the point where they remain in custody and you determine whether they are chargeable for the murder offense,” Mouzis said.

FOX40 obtained a booking photo of Martin from a 2016 conviction in Arizona related to an attempt to commit aggravated assault. Martin also has an active warrant related to a 2014 domestic violence case in Riverside County. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in that case, but according to court records, he did not complete the court-ordered punishment.