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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento police said they have identified another suspect in the deadly K Street shooting. 

He was identified by police as 27-year-old Mtula Payton. Payton reportedly has multiple felony warrants for charges such as domestic violence and firearms.

The warrant relating to domestic violence was issued after officers went to a home belonging to a relative of Payton on April 2. At the home, police said they talked to a woman with injuries who said Payton was the one responsible for hurting her.

Police said Payton was not at the scene, and officers did not have contact with him.

Investigators said it appears Payton is one of at least five shooters based on evidence they have found.

Police have so far arrested two people as suspects in the investigation and recovered one gun. Those two suspects, Dandrae and Smiley Martin, are also believed to be among the shooters, police said.

“The investigation has moved very quickly in this first week, and it will continue until we can present prosecutors and the public with a complete picture of this terrible crime,” said Police Chief Kathy Lester.

Sacramento police said they have exhausted all leads and have not been able to find Payton. They are now asking the public for help in finding him.

Anyone with information about Payton — or anyone else involved in the shooting — has been asked to call the Sacramento Police Department at 916-808-5471 or Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at 916-443-4357.

The shooting in downtown Sacramento killed six people and injured 12 others.