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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Hours before more than 100 bullets were fired in downtown Sacramento, it appears one of the men police have identified as a suspect posted a video on social media of him holding a gun. 

The now-deleted Facebook live video appears to have been posted to the account of Smiley Martin. The video showed him pointing a gun at the camera. 

Hours later he would be in the hospital seriously injured in the K Street shooting. Police said he is also under arrest for his at least third gun charge since turning 18. He is now 27. 

Also in the video is a man who resembles one of the victims: Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi. 

In the video, it sounds like authorities did briefly contact Martin and his group while looking for two missing children. 

Martin is charged with having a weapon while having a felony conviction and allegedly having a machine gun in connection with the shooting. However, he is not accused of being one of the five shooters that night. His brother, Dandrae Martin, is accused of being one of the shooters, police said. 

Although, Dandrae Martin is currently only facing a charge of having a gun as someone with a felony conviction.