Sacramento Mom Arrested For Spraying Kids

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A 41-year-old mother has been arrested for spraying a household cleaner into the faces of her 9 and 11 year old daughters, according to police.

Investigators say Priya Puelicher had some sort of argument with her daughters.

“She sprayed one of the children, then found the other child and that’s when she sprayed that child as well,” said Michelle Gigante, spokesperson for Sacramento Police Department.

The cleaner was some sort of off the shelf spot remover and deodorizer. Almost all of them have warning labels that urge adults to keep them out of the hands of children.  There were minor injuries to one child.

There are actually four children in the home on Cafaro Circle in the Natomas area. The father apparently came home and discovered what happened.  Gigante says there are always other kinds of evidence like statements from victims and physical evidence that is required for an arrest.

Gigante said she could not say if there was any kind of mental or emotional issues that caused Puelicher to abuse her children.

“I’ve been a cop for nearly 15 years and I don’t ever recall a chemical sprayed in the face. We don’t take it lightly,” said Gigante, who is also a mother.

Puelicher was released on bail and will be in court on Oct. 1.  The children were seen at their home with their grandmother.

They will apparently stay in their home with their dad and relatives and are not likely to see their mother in the near future.

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