SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Under sell, over deliver.

“Our goal for us is I think to be within the top four of the Big Sky.”

Ahead of his second season with Sacramento State, head coach David Patrick is taking a modest approach to the year.

“Obviously, we want to win it but everybody does,” Patrick added. “But I think if we can be within the top four get to the Big Sky tournament, get to that final, than anything is possible. I think this group has the ability to do that. We have a long way to go but we have the tools.”

The Hornets were picked in the preseason coaches’ poll to finish fourth in the Big Sky conference. From the players to the coaching staff, Sac State believes they have all the right pieces to make a run.

“Coach Patrick we have a good relationship,” newcomer Brandon Betson said. “He had recruited me last year but I was too deep in my recruitment but when he called when I entered the portal I just felt like I need to go rock with him because he’s a good person and I knew I’d be able to be comfortable here.”

“We have the talent, we play hard, we have the length like you said,” Austin Patterson added. “But communication that’s the biggest thing. Once we get that down, I think we’re going to be really good.”

The Hornets have one of the most diverse rosters in the nation with seven different countries represented. That, combined with eleven new faces, presents a Unique challenge for Sac State.

“I thought this offseason my assistants and I were able to get some good ingredients with the returners in terms of the talent we were able to bring in this offseason,” Patrick said.

“I just think everyone’s excited for all the international guys we’ve got,” Patterson added. “We’ve got a guy from the UK, a bunch of Australians, South Sudan, Bahrain, Canada and then America. I think it’s super interesting to have all those guys and I think the fans are gonna find it super cool as well.”

“We hang out every day crack jokes, be in the locker room,” Betson said. “We’re in the gym with each other a lot like at nighttime, early mornings. Really good chemistry that we’re building every day.”

With an almost completely different roster, it’s one coach Patrick thinks is for the better.

“I think our versatility defensively…Then I think offensively we can play a lot faster than we have in the past. We have the ability to shoot this year and play in the post so we’re not a one trick pony. I think we have different ways to guard and play offensively which you need in this day and age.”