Sacramento’s Largest School District is Bracing for a One-Day Teachers Strike

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SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento City Unified School District is bracing for a one-day teachers strike on Thursday.

“We are doing this for the students,” Sac City Teachers Associated President David Fisher said.

The teacher’s union says despite negotiations, the district wants to back out of its contract to use teacher health care savings on students, like reducing class sizes and providing more librarians, nurses and psychologists.

“Understandably, it can be inconvenient for one day, but if the district is allowed to backtrack on this agreement to students then what’s to keep them from backtracking on other agreements?” Fisher said.

But the district’s back is against the wall as it faces a state takeover if it can’t resolve a $35 million budget deficit over two years. It’s telling parents schools will stay open with backup staffing.

“Some schools, they plan to have a regular day tomorrow with nobody walking out and at other sites, we will need replacement teachers and at some sites, we may need administrators with credentials to go back into the classrooms,” district spokesman Alex Barrios said.

Buses will run and meals will be served at all campuses.

Still, many parents said they will be keeping their kids home.

“I know they get their funding through the kids coming to school but also I want to make sure my child is safe at the same and if all the kids aren’t going to be here, we have to have subs, I just rather them not be there,” parent Jenn Rumph said.

For others, it’s a matter of principal.

“My interest is actually in supporting the teachers and teaching my kids that it’s important to honor our promises,” parent Jessie Gouck said.

But some parents said they didn’t know about the strike, and others will be bringing kids to school because they work and can’t afford daycare.

“We plan on keeping our schools open this Thursday so that our children have a safe learning environment to go to during the day,” Superintendent Jorge Aguilar said.

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