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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — When thinking of Michelin Guide restaurants, San Francisco, New York or Paris might come to mind, but Sacramento has a few local restaurants that find themselves in the pages of this internationally known guide.

Before the list though it might be good to understand what those Michelin Stars mean and how the Michelin Guide came to be.
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It is not out of coincidence that the Michelin Guide shares the same name as the well-known French tire manufacturer.

When brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin started their tire company in 1889 they came up with the idea of creating a guidebook with maps, fuel station locations and tire changing tips for motorists.

The guides would be free to France’s then 3,000 drivers at the time, but Andre saw that one of the workshops was using the free books to prop up a workbench and began charging for them.

The new issue was released in 1920 with a cost of seven francs and at this time the guide included hotels and restaurants in Paris for the first time.

Realizing the influence of the listed restaurants, Michelin began sending out restaurant inspectors and in 1926 began awarding single stars to worthy establishments.

In 1931 the zero stars to three stars system was created and in 1936 the new ranking system was first published in the guide.

Now over 40,000 establishments across 24 territories and three continents have received a ranking from the world-famous system.

Two restaurants in Sacramento currently have a Michelin star but the publisher still found several others establishments in the city stood out and were worthy of being listed in the guide.

Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Sacramento:

The Kitchen

1 Michelin Star

2225 Hurley Way. Ste. 101, Sacramento

Contemporary, Californian

“Since opening in 1991, The Kitchen has felt like a party from start to finish, hosted by the energetic Chef Kelly McCown,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review. “Diners are encouraged to get up and walk around, maybe even peek into the kitchen to chat up the cooks.”


1 Michelin Star

2031 S St., Sacramento

Californian, Contemporary

The cooking has a clean, modern simplicity, and its commitment to carefully sourced ingredients is thoroughly Californian,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review. “However, it also offers no shortage of personality, combining flavors while also drawing from various global cuisines.”

Michelin-Recommended Restaurants in Sacramento:


Italian, Seafood

5215 Folsom Street, Sacramento

“Clean, modern and convivial, Allora is filled with the neighborhood feels, largely thanks to the owners’ passion and dedication,” the Michelin Guide wrote in the opening line of their review.

Bacon and Butter


5913 Broadway, Sacramento

“From flapjacks and crisped potatoes to super-sized cinnamon rolls, this kitchen’s goods taste like Sunday morning at your Mom’s, including all the noise and nagging,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review.

Beast + Bounty


1701 R St., Sacramento

“Incredibly fresh, creative Californian fare reigns supreme on this menu, and the dishes turned out are well-balanced and neatly executed,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review.


Japanese, Fushion

2226 10th Street, Sacramento

“This mini izakaya greets guests with a mouthwatering whiff of smoky meat at the door, while also honoring its cool surrounds,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review. “Imagine a farm-to-table menu and flats of microgreens growing on the bar.”



1719 34th St., Sacramento

“Whether you’re sipping a cocktail while snacking on Urfa chili drumsticks at the bar, or savoring lamb pavé matched with roasted pineapple and blue corn tortillas, dining here is a global tour de force,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review.

Camden Spit & Larder


555 Capitol Mall, Sacramento

Downtown Sacramento meets sexy uptown London at this foodie haven, where Chef Oliver Ridgeway applies his formidable British culinary know-how to farm-fresh Californian ingredients,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review.


1131 K St., Sacramento

“The menu offers creative takes on global dishes, including a salad of vine-ripened, handpicked, heirloom tomatoes with shaved radish, avocado purée, and a dill dressing enriched with ricotta salata,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review.

Frank Fat’s


806 L St., Sacramento

“Celebrated as the “third house” because of its popularity among politicians making deals in the back booths, this venerable Chinese-American jewel has been family owned since 1939,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review.



926 J St., Sacramento

“High ceilings and an arched shelf stacked with liquor instantly draw the eye, while wood tables lined with orange leather banquettes balance style and comfort,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review.


American, Contemporary

1525 Alhambra Blvd., Sacramento

“An array of carefully crafted spins on classic cocktails is sure to stimulate your taste buds, while the friendly staff sets the room’s casual mood,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review.

Mulvaney’s B&L


1215 19th St., Sacramento

“A firehouse in its previous life, this Sacramento gem features food that will have you returning time and again, but sentimentalists beware, as the menu changes daily,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review. “While you can’t be sure what’s on offer here, fresh, seasonal and satisfying cooking is a guarantee.”

Yue Huang

Chinese, Cantonese

3860 Truxel Rd., Sacramento

On weekend mornings, Chinese families pack the oversized tables for a spectrum of exquisitely prepared dim sum,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review. “Evenings however bring groups of friends eager to sample succulent seafood sourced from the massive live tanks that line this restaurant’s back wall.”



1801 Capitol Ave., Sacramento

“Puebla-style chicken enchiladas, for instance, smothered in handmade mole poblano burst with flavor, while crispy tostadas contrast rich Michoacan-style carnitas against a zesty and bright salsa,” the Michelin Guide wrote in their review.