Sanders Supporters Await Full Ballot Count

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SACRAMENTO — As Hilary Clinton’s campaign surges ahead, Bernie Sanders isn’t yet conceding the California primary. Supporters in Sacramento are standing by Sanders as they wait for the full count of California votes.

Thursday a single poster was the only thing left marking a Midtown building as the Bernie Sanders campaign Sacramento headquarters.

Clearing the last items out of the campaign office this afternoon, the volunteers who dedicated most waking moments of the last three weeks to helping Sanders win the California primary met to discuss what’s next for their movement.

“We want to make sure that the energy coming from the Bernie Sanders campaign transfers on into something we can do here locally,” said David Pfau a campaign volunteer.

There are at least 136,000 vote by mail and provisional ballots waiting to be verified and counted and that’s just at the Sacramento County Election Board Office. The situation extends statewide.

“A potential one million or more, maybe two million, I even today heard three million ballots still to be counted”, estimates Paul Mitchell with the Political Data firm which tracks political and election trends.

Thursday, during a post-election panel held by the organization “Future of California Elections”, election experts spoke about California’s accomplishments such as record voter registration, and need for improvement such as making sure no party preference voters… a voter block believed to favor Sanders could easily vote for president.

“For no party preference voters it was honestly quite a challenge we tried everything we could think of with our limited budget to make sure the information was out there,” said Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

Despite his vows earlier today to work with presumptive nominee Hilary Clinton, Senator Sanders remains presidential candidate Sanders.

“I look forward to the full counting of the votes in California which I suspect will show a much closer vote than the current vote tally,” Sanders said following a White House meeting with President Barack Obama.

With 18,000 votes separating Clinton and Sanders in Sacramento County and 400,000 separating the candidates statewide Senator Sanders and his supporters think those uncounted votes could make a difference.

“That’s more than enough to turn the tide from senator Sanders which equals more delegates to go to the convention,” said Pfau.

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