Saving Halloween for Wildfire Victims in Santa Rosa

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SANTA ROSA — “This is a cape. I like it.”

A closet full of costumes popped up on the lawn at Jack London Elementary.

It was a pumpkin decorating, face painting, Halloween carnival in Santa Rosa for all of the kids who, along with their parents, lived through the deadliest wildfires in Northern California history.

“I like when you dress up and go outside and go door-to-door,” said Derek Sadorra.

That’s something that is not possible for a lot of the little guys and gals. For many kids in Santa Rosa, they didn’t only lose their home to wildfire, they lost the entire neighborhood they would have been out trick-or-treating in.

It’s the kind of disaster most their age will never experience — one they’ll learn from and look back to when they’re all grown up.

“I’m probably gonna tell my kids, if I ever have any. I’ll be like, I was in this, you should be thoughtful,” said Dylan Tolbert.

Speaking of thoughtful, how about this community?

“I’m hoping these kids see the strength, the dedication, the commitment of our community,” said Congressman Mike Thompson.

Thompson put out a call for the celebration and the YMCA and Cosumnes Fire Department got involved. And Sacramento FFA students organized a donation drive for costumes and candy, and Monday they dropped off 300 pounds to the kids.

Mia Oliva dressed up as a first responder for Halloween.

“I’m just so happy because my house is still alive,” she said.

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