Say goodbye to Roseville’s outdoor dining decks — for now, anyway


The Latest – Monday, Nov. 8

7:45 a.m.

As of 6:20 a.m., crews have begun removing outdoor dining decks in parts of Roseville.

Original story below:

ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — It was a pandemic innovation that let us breathe a little easier.

To accommodate social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses took to the streets, sporting dining decks outside for customers to enjoy their favorite establishments.

But what’s on deck might be a disappointment — starting Monday, the city plans to close down a portion of Church Street and Vernon Street in Downtown and Midtown Roseville to remove those wooden decks.

“We like it, I don’t think it should be removed,” said Roseville resident Albert Vakarchuk.

And Vakarchuk isn’t alone.

“I feel like it’s a nice addition to the street,” Michael Palvic, also a resident, said. “People need fresh air sometimes.”

The city said these decks were always meant to be temporary to help business get through times when indoor seating was limited due to the pandemic.

“The need just isn’t there now than it was last summer,” said City of Roseville Public Information Officer Brian Jacobson.

The city said they tried to take the decks down earlier but faced delays. Last August, Roseville and the Downtown Business Improvement District put up $41,000 to build these outdoor dining decks.

“The decks I think were well-used,” Jacobson said, “I personally used them and enjoyed sitting out on them.”

Jacobson said the patios on private property will not be impacted.

But the city said it’s not shutting the door on outdoor dining altogether. They’re in talks with businesses to see if they want a permanent structure.

“If they do, we will work them and see what we can come up with that is a more proper solution,” Jacobson said.

A few businesses told FOX40 they are sad for the decks to go, but are hopeful they could make a return.

They’re a pandemic innovation customers hope will have a lasting impact.

“I think this will being more money to the businesses,” Roseville resident Michael Palvic.

Businesses wanting to add permanent outdoor dining will have to file a permit. The city said this wasn’t a parking issue since they have two parking garages, but it will certainly free up a few parking spots.

The street closure begins tomorrow at 4 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. Businesses will remain open.

In a previous version of this script, a city official misspoke about the decks not being ADA compliant. The quote has been removed. 

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