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There’s video of the moments before one man says he was shot in a case of excessive force and a security guard who says he was beaten by a suspect who made him fear for his life.

The most intense parts of their February confrontation happen out of the view of surveillance cameras at a Sacramento 7-Eleven on Mack Road but for suspect turned shooting victim Sulman Hafeez they’ve inspired a newly-amended lawsuit.

That suit targets former Cal Force guard Dustin Arlis White and the company that put him out on patrol.

“The mace attack…when you look at how he shakes the mace..he’s prepared to mace him before there’s even an event,” said Hafeez’ attorney Matthew Eason.

Eason says that toying with the mace is just the tip of an overly-aggressive personality iceberg.

We reached out to White for comment but did not hear back.

On social media the former solider shows off many weapon-related images – even one of himself holding a gun to his own head.

“We found a plea on Facebook for people to donate money to him go back overseas and be a private mercenary and fight…all characteristic of somebody who wants to fight,” said Eason.

Matthew Eason admits his client was drunk and in the wrong for urinating on the wall of the 7-11 after being denied the restroom inside.

But he also says nothing about his client’s interaction with White points to the threat the security guard says he felt.

“My small-framed client and a security guard in full camo fatigues…military, obviously trained in hand to hand combat and supposedly he fear for his safety? He Tasers my guy three times and then shoots him…very hard to believe,” said Eason.

Dustin White explains the battle in police reports and made a Facebook post of the written account he says he sent to the state Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

In it he claims Hafeez was beating his head against the ground as they tussled and that he eventually wounded Hafeez by shooting him to save himself and gain control.

While the district attorney has not pursued any action against the guard, Hafeez will soon face trial for attacking White.

Eason takes issue with the injuries White claims he suffered during the struggle – especially a straight line cut on the ear.

“When the security guard is put into the back of the police car…initial observation doesn’t show any injury. A few minutes later…and then supposedly he has a cut on him and we believe that cut was self-inflicted,” said Eason.

Police reports indicate White had one of his two knives with him when he was left alone in the cruiser.

Eason says White’s knives, hollow point bullets and other weaponry used back in February plus training behind them are also an issue in the lawsuit.

Cal Force – the company that outfitted White – has operated under several different names in the Sacramento valley and other states.

Eason points to a troubled past.

“They’ve been suspended by the secretary of state in Wyoming, suspended here in California. They haven’t properly registered in Sacramento county. Their licensing by the Bureau of firearms in security…it’s a mess,” Eason said.

Hafeez will face trial for his role in this incident next month.

Four months after his tussle with Hafeez, White was involved in another shooting.

In that case he claimed he shot because he was being fired on along Mack Road and hit a woman sitting in her apartment.

According to his Facebook page, White no longer works in security and is instead as an apprentice carpenter.

Again, through public record listings FOX40 called and reached out on social media to the owners of what was Cal Force and to Dustin Arlis White without response.